What's hanging in that droplet?

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Gary W Brown
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What's hanging in that droplet?

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Here are three droplets that were left on the shrubs after a very dense fog this morning. I thought I might capture a glint of light but what I saw was much better. Again I used the AUTO ( I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust the program) but did not use auto focus or the flash. The camera is the Sony A100 and the lens is the Tamron 90mm macro. The first two of the photos are enhanced by the photo program that came with the camera. Each was lightened very slightly. These are hand held photos...
advice...don't try this if you drink alot of coffee in the morning.
This droplet (about 3mm across) is hanging from a cherry stem left from last season, again the birds ate most of the cherries...they left the stems.
The image in the droplet is the top of a linden tree which is about 30 feet behind the drop and about 30 feet tall
The spruce in the drop is about 40 feet tall and about 100 feet behind the droplet.

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very cool

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Looks awesome :) I wish I had access to a huge printer so I could print those for you!

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