Curculio nucum

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Curculio nucum

Post by teva »

While shooting in home studio this little cutey flew into the scene just begging for a shot :lol: He landed directly infront studio lights and waited there, so i could get my camera ready. Few shots and he was on his way. If you can't get to the nature, let the nature come to you :lol:

not sure about the name thou

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Post by PeglegOS »

It's a Jimmy Durante..... :wink:

Good capture...
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Post by beetleman »

Now thats a cute looking weevil. A fine job Teva :wink:
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Post by Carl_Constantine »

Never seen anything like that before. Great pic teva. Don't you love it when nature cooperates :-)
Carl B. Constantine

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Post by nephiliim »

One could make a really cool cartoon figure out of that :lol: great capture, must have been hard with that white BG.. was it in natural light?

All the best,

Tom B

Come to think of it.. it reminds me of a kiwi (bird, tazmanian devil cartoon by Warner brothers) LMAO
Sometimes smaller is better eh? nodge nodge :lol

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Post by teva »

No, it was all studio light. Two from the top and bouced flash to blow out the also helped with shadow position.

Tnx all for comments.

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

That is a fine shot. Nice and sharp with nice details over a good part of the subject. Does kinda' favor Jimmy Durante. :D

Gordon C. Snelling
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Post by Gordon C. Snelling »

Nice shot. Ive tried to shoot these guys before and never done near as well.

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