Atlas Moth

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Atlas Moth

Post by McCluskey »

Long time no post....

Finally had a chance to snap some shots. Went on a cruise about a week ago, stopped at Grand Cayman, and got to spend about 45 min in a local butterfly farm. Some stunning specimens there to say the least. Really wish we had more time. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to get to see this beautiful atlas moth. The photo doesn't do it's size justice, as it had a wingspan of about 11 inches! Unfortunately, I didn't think to place something in the photos to give it a size reference, but it is huge! Some interesting facts regarding this species. It's the largest of all moths, the pupal stage lasts about six months, and most interesting to me is the fact that once it emerges from it's cocoon, it only has a life span of about 5 days. It lacks a proboscis and as such, has no way to intake water. After finding that out, I felt really lucky to get to see this mature specimen.

First 2 are full framed, the third is a crop of #2, showing a little more detail of the feather like antennae. Both shots taken with D200, 105mm/f2.8 micro-nikkor. F8, 1/60, on board flash. White Bal adjustment/cropped in lightroom.




Hope you found these interesting, I'll post some others from the trip in the days ahead.


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Post by nto »

Butterfly very beautiful, great detail and colors of the crop,
have knowledge of what is photographer adds more value to photos!!


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Post by Danny »

Just stunning. The size of these are incredible as are the shots. Fantastic colours and details. Love these shots. They look so powerful and a bit like our Emperor Gum moth. Just gorgeous to see.

All the best and thanks for the views.

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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Post by Ken Ramos »

You know I meant to comment on this thing yesterday and got side tracked. I have only seen these moths once or twice on occasion, they are quite a find. You did a good job on this one, great color, sharp, nice comp. Really good there McCluskey nice work. Especially like the first one. :D

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