Another butterfly

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Regan Harper
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Another butterfly

Post by Regan Harper »

Hi, can you help with the id of this one? :) Image

Image has been cropped slightly.
Olympus C3040Z, macro setting
1/800 sec @ F2.6 iso100
Regan Harper
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Post by rjlittlefield »

Looks like what's called the "Gulf Fritillary", Agraulis vanillae. See for example this article in Wikipedia, or search Google for a zillion more images.

The Wikipedia article also has a picture of the pupa (chrysalis). Notice that in these butterflies the pupa hangs head down suspended only from the tail -- no silk girdle. When the adult emerges, it crawls out head up and hangs that way until the wings are fully expanded.


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Post by beetleman »

Love the orange color. Took me a while to notice your finger perch. :wink:
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Those are pretty neat little butterflies, I see them every so often, may even have a photo or two of one. I can never get anything to perch on my finger, butterflies, dragonflies, etc... Fair shot there Regan, colorful it is. :D

Gordon C. Snelling
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Post by Gordon C. Snelling »

I agree it is a Gulf Fritillary, kind of battered but nice shot all the same.

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