Eyes of Aeshna

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Erland R.N.
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Eyes of Aeshna

Post by Erland R.N. »

Was in Sweden this weekend, and stayed in a small house with dragonflies just outside the door. Nothing like doing macro, and never more then a one minute away from a cop of coffey :lol:

Me and my friend found five species of darners (large dragonflies), and they were in great numbers, and came to the corner of the garden to warm themselves in the september sun.

This female dragonfly landed on the back of my photo-budy, and we grabbed it with the hands and folded the wings together above it's body. After holding it and studying it close up, we placed it on a perch, and photographed it from any possible angle. Sometimes they may fly away quickly, but this one stayed for maybe ten minutes.

I think it's a Aeshna subarctica, a female, but not 100 % sure. This species is a northern one, that also live in northern America and Asia.

I have cropped it rather tightly, as I wanted to show the eyes at half the original capture, and still be at 800 pixel size.
5D, Sigma 180/3.5 + 1,4x (252 mm), 50 % crop
iso 1000, f/16, 1/200 s.

Please someone, do a stack of dragonfly eyes :D


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Post by beetleman »

Very nice headshot Erland, I love dragonfly faces & eyes..
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