Robberfly sitting on the road

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Robberfly sitting on the road

Post by MacroLuv »

This robberfly was posing a couple of seconds for me, surprisingly tolerant for my little camera getting close. :D I think, this little thing between two large compound eyes is ocelli, a simple eye. The short, strong proboscis is also nicely visible as like antennae, spiny legs, dense moustache of bristles on the face and some kind of sword-like ovipositor at rear side. Transparent wings makes coloured shadow on the road surface. What is that orange on spiny legs, remains of prey or something else? :shock:


Camera model Olympus SP-320
Date/time 16.08.2006/14:03:07
Exposure time 1/640 s
F-number f/5
ISO 64
Focal length 8 mm :shock:
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Erland R.N.
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Post by Erland R.N. »

Great details in this photo, due to sharpness and also quite large depth of field. I think these flies are great macro subjects, but rarely find them. But when I do I give it a go for a picture.

Maybe the fly would stand out a bit better from the background if it sat on a green leave or something, but you probably could not ask the fly to fly to some better place :wink:

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Post by rjlittlefield »

The orange looks very tidy & symmetric. Seems to be on the first and last segments of the tarsus of each leg. I'd bet on hairs, like the ones on my snout beetle's tarsal pads.

This is a nice shot. The robber and assassin flies that I usually see, won't let me get close to them. :(


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Post by beetleman »

Great shot Nikola, nice and sharp.
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Gordon C. Snelling
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Post by Gordon C. Snelling »

Nice shot, Good job with the capture, they usually arent that cooperative

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