Face to Face with a Fly

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Face to Face with a Fly

Post by georgedingwall »

Hi all,

I swatted this fly yesterday, I think it is a Bluebottle (Calliphora vomitoria).

I couldn't make up my mind which image to upload, so I uploaded both.

I found an interesting link while trying to find out what those strange structures between the eyes are called. It has an anatomical atlas of some of the major fly families, and when you click on a part of the fly it is highlighted and the name is indicated on a list on the right of the screen.


You really need broadband to use the atlas, but it is quite informative.

Anyway, here's the images. They are both quite deep stacks and I used my D200 and Nikkor EL enlarger lens at F5.6 reversed on my home made focussing rail.

If anyone would like to add the Photo Corner mounts I've used on these images to their own images, and you use Photshop CS or CS2, you can download a script to create them from this link. It's the first script on the page. You can get it at this link.


Note : Since I posted this link, I've found a bug in my script. It works ok with images that are approximately the same shape as you get from the camera, but as images move towards being square or panoramic, the corners are placed incorrectly. I'm working on a solution, but the script does work within this limitation for the moment. Sorry.

Note 2 : I fixed the problem with the placement of photo corners on square or panoramic images. I've uplpoaded a new version of the script.

However, you should note that on panoramics, the corners may look a bit out of proportion to the short side of the image. This is because the corners are created in proportion to the longside of the image. I haven't found a solution to this yet. I'll upload a new version if I do.

Bye for now.
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Post by MacroLuv »

Wow! :D Close enough to give a kiss. :lol: I wonder if or how those "dead pixels" on compound eyes affects vision.
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Post by beetleman »

A face only a mother can love...Great stacks George, very nice detail. Nikola, I like your comparison to dead pixels. I have floating pixels in my eyes (little things floating in my eyeball liquid), I always see little flies that are not there :shock:
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