Dead ant in the middle of the road...

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Dead ant in the middle of the road...

Post by crocoite »

No, that's not how the song goes. That's a skunk. The ant song is Ant Music by Adam and the ants (showing age badly). :?

Anyway, I found this ant dead in the middle of my shed today. Or should that read I found this dead ant in the middle of my shed. :roll:

Are worker ants all female like in bees? If so, this girl is in need of a leg wax!

Field of view in the second image is 2 mm.
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Yep, dead skunk in the middle of the road definitely came to mind there Steve. I always thought that, that was a catchy little tune. I know nothing about ants except that they will bite and sting you and ruin a picnic or other things one might do while frolicking out of doors. Nice shots, thanks! :D

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Post by beetleman »

Nice closeups Steve. Adam and the ants was one of my favorite groups from the 80`s and the comic book ATOM ANT was my favorite when I was young :roll:
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Gordon C. Snelling
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Post by Gordon C. Snelling »

NIce, yes all worker ants are female. Usually sterile although in a few rare cases they can lay viable eggs.

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