Hiding your feelings under Makeup.

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Hiding your feelings under Makeup.

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Well, I took a lot of different pictures.
And it seems that they all came out a little bit blurry, and when I tried sharpening them, They just looked too fake.

Enjoy :D
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Make up :-k Well it probably wouldn't hurt me to hide a few things, scared the neighbors cat yesterday. :lol:

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About the blur, this looks like the camera moved ("motion blur"). Sharpening never really helps that.

Is this your own eye? I've never had any luck taking a picture of my own eye with a still camera. Video worked OK, because then I could watch the screen while manipulating the camera.

You might find it more practical to shoot somebody else's eye -- if you can find somebody who doesn't mind being shown to the world up quite so close! :lol:


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She does have her mothers "EYE" :wink:
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