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Home-made slide prep. (poorly stained!) of a pseudoscorpion. These are small predaceous arachnids that catch prey with their large "pincers" (chelate pedipalps). It's amazing to me that they can catch live insects as the pedipalps are a relatively long way from the rest of the body. This one doesn't seem to have any eyes, must find their prey simply by touch.
50mm f1.8 Canon, reversed, on a Nikon MF 105mm Micro, f16. 6 images stacked with Helicon Focus.

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Interesting critter, and a nice clear shot.

I'm presuming that the stain was supposed to highlight some particular kind of tisse, but I can't figure out what.

Or was the stain intended just to increase overall contrast, as opposed to differentiating one tissue from another?


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Hi Rik:
Thanks for your earlier help and welcoming me to the site. This slide is 22 years old, stained simply to increase contrast; not sure why some parts stained more than others.
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Another great slide photo Tony.
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