Some winter springtails

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Some winter springtails

Post by LordV »

These little bugs get more numerous in the cooler (or perhaps wetter) Winter months here. All taken at 5.1 with an MP-E 65- single shots
First two shots small white springtails- longest about 0.7mm.
Last shot springtail about 1.1mm body length.
Brian V.

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Mike B in OKlahoma
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Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »

Very good captures, I've read about these often, but never seen them myself! Good job.

They remind me a lot of termites.
Mike Broderick
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Post by beetleman »

I really like the first one. There is a lot of cute little Characters in it. They sorta look like bunnies :wink: I have seen masses of these on spring snow a couple of times. It was like "Black Snow"
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

I am finding many of these on the fall leaf packs in slow flowing mountain streams right now and some even skittering around on the surface tension. Some really neat shots here Brian. :D

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Post by LordV »

Thanks for the comments everyone :)
Think springtails are thought to be the most numerous bugs in the world, they also outjump fleas in power weight terms.

Beetleman - think those are called snow fleas - apparently graze on algae growing in the snow. Seem to remember some people were investigating what they use for antifreeze :)

Ken- yes they often walk about on water.
Brian V.
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Post by jmlphoto »

good captures, ive seen millions of these little guys, i just need a mpe to get them lol. i like the last one never seen any looking like that one.

best place to find these is in wet places with decaying organic matter, (under wet leaves, under mulches, rotting wood has them sometimes) find there food source and youll find springtails.
Jordan L. photo southern california.

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Post by cactuspic »

Wonderful series Brian. It's always a treat to see your work.


Harold Gough
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Post by Harold Gough »

The top two images are Entomobryomorphs (first segment of the thorax neck-like) of the family Isotomidae. I can't identify the genus but they seem not to be Folsomia, the "usual suspect" because not all three of the terminal abdominal segments are fused.

The other image is of Poduromorphs of either the family Hypogastruride or Neanuride (separated on the internal structure of their mothpart).

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Post by Cyclops »

Yay springtails(Collembolids) are cool little bugs,see them in our garden under bricks etc,and one night I found one of the larger black ones. Too dark to get a photo tho.
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