Hopper on Queen Anne`s Lace USA

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Hopper on Queen Anne`s Lace USA

Post by beetleman »

So, what do I do today with my camera back from Africa :smt115 , I go out looking for something to shoot :smt045 . Found this guy on the Queen Anne`s Lace behind work. This is what our lace looks like right now. This guy must be an Army hopper because it looks like he has his Camo colors on :wink:

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Post by puzzledpaul »

Certainly a bit different (colour wise) from the 'civilians' in my back garden ...

Nice job - seems it might be time to start a 'Hopper appreciation society', eh Doug :)


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Post by MacroLuv »

Hurrah! Yesss! Queen Anne`s Lace again! :D Those hoppers must be reservoirs of vitamin A! :lol: Nice hopper Doug. Somehow... crispy. =P~
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