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Needle and thread



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A great shot Roberto...I always love the eye of a needle photos
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Is this stacked, or single exposure? It has good DOF, but it's lacking sharpness everywhere, so I'm thinking that perhaps you used a very small aperture and the picture got blurred from diffraction.


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Post by RobertoM »

Is a single shot.
I don't know how do a stacked.
I use a very small aperture for more DOF, but I have some problems...
I put the needle plugged on a polystyrene on a table and when I try to put on focus, isn't easy because is I move the object or the camera after go out of focus.
I have a tripod and a micrometric slide, but when I use the slide, the camere have some little movement and all go out of focus.
How can I do?
Sorry, sorry for my english.... I must study photograghy and english... :-)

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Looks like the thread is almost in the same plane as the needle, a good way to get the most stuff sharp. Are you shooting this on Av mode? You may want to try shooting on manual mode with the shutter speed set at the flash synch speed of your camera (probably 1/250th or 1/200th second) and the f/stop wherever you wish (but wider will avoid the diffraction problem Rik mentioned at the cost of less DOF, of course).
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Post by RobertoM »

I shot in manual mode.
I must learn the use of flash.
I think have a good equipement, but I don't have experience to use.
Do someone can write me some good link for learn the use of flash in macrophotography?
And a good book for learn English :-) :D

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