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Tack Sharp

Post by beetleman »

Just a quick picture I took "With My New Camera". "A new Camera" you say....Well, I sent my Powershot S1 IS into Canon for repair (black smudge showing up on the pictures), out of warranty repairs $97.00 for anything. Three weeks pass, I get a box back with a different camera. Because of lack of parts, they upgraded My camera to a Powershot S3 IS (refurbished). OK-GOOD, 6MP ( S1 is 3MP + 10X zoom), more features, dark gray color, 12X zoom, lenses are larger. BAD-uses different memory cards, my 250D closeup lens and adaptor do not fit, just barely fits into my bag and it does not fit my underwater housing I bought for the S1. So I decided to keep it , I bought the new lens adaptor, the 500D closeup lens and I am ready to roll again. I might look for a used S1 on E-bay or just sell the accessories. I have been looking at the Canon 40D but am researching it more. The 500D lens actually doubled the focal distance between subject and camera. This push pin was 12.5" from the camera at full zoom :shock: Canon 36-432mm equiv. F2.8-3.5 zoom lens
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Hmm...that experience with Canon can give one some ideas! :lol: Looks as though the new camera is working really well there Doug. Glad to see you are back in the saddle, so to speak. Good depth of field and the image looks really sharp. Not too bad of a deal Canon made you eh? :D

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Post by JoanYoung »

What an experience Doug. But as Ken says, it looks as if it turned out for the best. :)
Joan Young

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Post by beetleman »

Thanks Joan & Ken. I just wish it was spring time so I could do lots of shooting outdoors again. :cry:
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Post by microcollector »

It won't be long and you could try shooting some snowflakes.
Doug M
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Post by DaveW »

Keep sending it back Doug and you could finish up with a top of the range Canon SLR! :twisted:


Mike B in OKlahoma
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Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »

Congrats on the "new" camera, Doug! It'll be worth getting those new accessories!
Mike Broderick
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