Backyard Series #17

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Backyard Series #17

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autumn flower


My goal here was to capture a close-up of this colorful little flower (my wife informs me that it is Tithonia Rotundifolia, a.k.a. Mexican sunflower).
I also wanted to include a hint of the colorful fall scenery above it.
I felt that a "traditional" macro lens would have rendered the background as unrecognizable,. So I used a Tokina 16-50 zoom (at the wide end) and, in order to get closer, I screwed on a Canon 500D close-up lens. By shooting from a low vantage point, this combination afforded me the opportunity to get in close and, at the same time, allowed me to preserve a wide, recognizable background.

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I would say it worked very well Michael. It has a very 3D look to it also. very nice.
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This "wide-angle close-up" works very well.

I agree that a traditional macro lens would not have worked as well -- focal length too long, angle too narrow.

One of the strong points of point-and-shoot digitals is that they make this type of shot pretty easy to get. Almost unavoidable, actually, since their closeup/macro focusing generally works only at the wide-angle setting. It's one of those :D :( sort of deals...


Michigan Michael
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Thanks for the comments (and info), Rik and Doug.

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