Edge of moth wing, 17X

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Charles Krebs
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Edge of moth wing, 17X

Post by Charles Krebs »

I was working with a rather nondescript small brown moth and had not gotten any pictures I liked. When I looked closely at the edge of the wing, where it rested just above the body, I found these very interesting scale shapes and a surprising mix of warm pastel colors.

Nikon D200, 20X microscope objective on bellows. 39 image stack.


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Post by Planapo »

Ahh..., yesss!

Beautiful and instructional at the same time.
Lovely colours and textures, quite appropriate for this time of the year: Indian Summer on a moth wing! :wink: :D

Concerning its instructional content: It wonderfully shows the transition from hairs into scales in insects, and how the latter can be derived from the former.
"Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution."
(Dobzhansky, 1973)

Thanks for sharing it with us, Charles! It´s a motivating start to the day when I have the pleasure to look at photos like this in the morning!

Best wishes,

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Post by salden »

Images such as this really show the beauty that nature has to offer if you take the time to look close. Simply stunning.
Sue Alden

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Post by jmlphoto »

great picture, it looks like a painting of some sort.
Jordan L. photo southern california.

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Post by Adrian »

nice photograph Charles, the warm earth colors are lovely.

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Post by augusthouse »

Inspiring Charlie..Thankyou.

"Evolution" - I think not.


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Post by JoanYoung »

Excellent picture Charles. Who would have thought that the wings can look like this. :)
Joan Young

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