House spider

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House spider

Post by puzzledpaul »

One for Ken, methinks :)

Noticed this individual on the curtains when locking up, Sat night and as it was fairly conveniently located and I'd been messing around with a new (different) flash rig, thought I'd give it a try.

Approx 3 in across leg tips, btw - so a fair sized one.


10D / 100 mm macro / 550ex flash with h.made splitter.
f16 / 1/200 / iso 100 (prob)


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Post by tpe »

The flash works very nicely indeed, no nasty whiteouts, really diffuse. Cool, but how come the monopod with a flash? was it on fill?


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Post by beetleman »

A very nice photo Paul. Very nice detail on the body. That is a big guy for sure :wink:
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Doug Breda

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Post by puzzledpaul »

Thx for the comments Doug, Tim ... yes ... a big'un for sure.

Re monopod use - just find it more comfortable in some (not all) ways - esp. when got the bulk / mass of the various bits and pieces involved :)


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Post by MacroLuv »

Very nice details. :D
Do you think it can compete as Ken's home pet? :lol:
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

I thought my ears were burning. :shock: Picking on us arachniphobics again I see. :lol: The weather is getting cooler and these things usually become common indoors, trying to find a warmer place to live. In all actuallity I am not very charitable to those things having more than six legs. :wink:

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