Ever Wonder where Robber Flies Lay Their Eggs?

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Ever Wonder where Robber Flies Lay Their Eggs?

Post by beetleman »

Most of the summer, I was spotting these huge Robber flies (1.25" and very robust and very easy to hear). Towards the end of July, I started noticing them mating and some would land and crawl down into the grass in the lawn. The females were picking spots with soft sandy soils, digging a hole by rotating their abdomens and I assume laying their eggs. This is a picture of a female with her abdomen in the sand. These are the same species I posted here: http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... php?t=3023

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Fascinating! I have watched many grasshoppers do this, but I had no idea where robberflies lay their eggs.


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Post by jmlphoto »

wow what a good shot, without that i dont think we would ever know where they lay there eggs.
Jordan L. photo southern california.

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You know Doug, that's got to hurt or at least one would think a bit rough on the ol' posterior :D

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Interesting photo Doug - good angle too. That sure is a BIG fly!!

So....weren't you tempted to take a peek once mum had departed the scene?


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