Hairy Caterpiller Vs Spider

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Hairy Caterpiller Vs Spider

Post by beetleman »

Was up on my ladder working on the (my now Ex) bosses house in August (have you heard that before) when I spy this pretty little hairy caterpiller walking on the windowsill. I take a few shots and go back to my painting. A few minutes later I see the cat fighting for its` life in a spiderweb in the corner of the window. She struggles to get free and it looks like she jettisoned most of her fine hair in the right corner web but gets trapped in the left side and all the while the spider is wrapping more and more web on her and goes in for the bite and it is all over for the cat...bald and poisoned she stops her struggling and falls into a venom coma. I guess the long hair didn`t help this gal. Catepiller about an inch long.



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Doug Breda

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Post by jmlphoto »

so who won? looks like hes getting away in the last one. that caterpillar looks like a burst firework, great set.
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

The saga of life and death struggles in the wilds of "Home Improvement." Where was "Tool Time Girl" when all this was going on? :wink: :lol: Great series of images Doug but I would have saved the caterpillar or at least "WHACKED" the spider with my brush. :D

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Post by arlon »

Spiders are so much fun to watch. We have a home guard of "wall" spiders. They are just super little hunters..
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

That's one fancy looking caterpillar Doug.

Your 3 pics really tell the story - just pic2 showing the detached yellow and black spines in the corner and the poor, denuded caterpillar in the last moments of it's life would get a "Guilty" verdict in any court of law.

Interesting post.

Bruce :D

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