Scabius - one of my favourite wildflowers

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Bruce Williams
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Scabius - one of my favourite wildflowers

Post by Bruce Williams »

Hi folks,

Took these two pics a day apart in the Stony Stratford Nature Reserve. The first pic shows the flower head in the early stage of development and the second pic shows the flower in all it's glory. I'll complete the set with the seed head over the next few days.

No idea what that white thing is at 12 o'clock on pic1 :-k .

Minolta A2
Pic1: ISO 100, 1/320 at f/7.1
Pic2: ISO 100, 1/640s at f/9




Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Hey those are nice and interesting photos. :D I like the shade of blue that flower has. Reminds me of the blue color of the weed "Chickory" that we have here in the mountains. A lot of people hate the weed but I think its blue flowers are quite beautiful. Again some nice photos Bruce :D

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Post by MacroLuv »

Hey Bruce, I saw it on my little isle too but didn't know the name. :D
Very nice and sharp. Back to Minolta?
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Post by beetleman »

If you had not said it was the same flower, I would have bet it wasn`t. great series Bruce.
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Thanks for your comments guys.

Ken - yes it is vey similar to chicory isn't it - perhaps even more so when you see it mixed in with long meadow grass and other wildflowers.

- I find it easier to use the Minolta for close-up in the field as it's lighter to carry and has an electronic viewfinder that gives me instant feedback on quality without the glare that spoils the LCD panel image. I haven't given up on the Nikon though and do take it in preference if I think there is going to be something special to photograph.

Doug - Very different aren't they. I was in the same reserve today looking for seed-heads. The yellow white buds take on colour before they open and I will try and get some shots of the intermediate stage. Doug - also note: The scale of the 2 pics is slightly different - pic1 has a higher magnification.

Bruce :D

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