Daddy-Longlegs (Harvestman), eyes

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Charles Krebs
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Daddy-Longlegs (Harvestman), eyes

Post by Charles Krebs »

Since I was a kid I always thought the eyes of the Daddy-Longlegs were pretty neat looking. Now I can get a real good look at them and yup... they are still pretty "neat"!

It is an arthropod (not a spider), and it has just two eye. But they are positioned in that interesting little spine covered "turret".

Nikon D200, Canon 35mm macro on bellows

Nikon D200, Nikon Epi-5X microscope objective on bellows

Nikon D200, 12.5mm Minolta bellows lens (on bellows)


Wim van Egmond
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Post by Wim van Egmond »


Are those holes in the front the breathing openings? stigmata.


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

That is really wild there Charlie. The eyes of these things have been a curiosity with me too, it is good to see a close up of them. Excellent :D

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Post by jaharris1001 »

These are Amazing shots Charles !! Those eyes are very cool !! I guess that port to the lower left on shot 1 would be a nostril ? Excellent work !!

Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

I've wondered about the eyes too. Great photos as always.

Bruce :D

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Masterpieces -- quality to dream about! :D


Ib Mathiasen
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Post by Ib Mathiasen »

Fantastic shot Charles - now i had to go outside to find some creature to take a picture of :D
Ib Mathiasen

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Post by salden »

Perfect as always Charles. I love that last one.
Sue Alden

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Post by beetleman »

I would say they are beyond perfect IMO. They have so much detail and sharpness Charles. You take the macro world and bring it up to lifesize.
Take Nothing but Pictures--Leave Nothing but Footprints.
Doug Breda

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Post by Adrian »

hahaha unreal

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Post by tpe »

Wonderfull pictures, I cant beleive i missed them, lovely colour and lighting, and what detail. The jaws of these things are very interesting too, they have tow sets of pincers instead of spider like mandibles, very like tailless scorpions, to which i think they are about equally related.


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