Velvet Ant

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Velvet Ant

Post by beetleman »

Family Mutillidae - Velvet Ants. In all the time I have been in the forums, there has not been many photos of velvet ants. I only found one in the forums by searching but I thought that Mike B. did a fuzzy white one also. Velvet ants are actually solitary female wasps. The males have wings. Here again , this picture is from work. She is on a wall I was scraping the paint off of and I grabbed my camera. Not the easiest critter to take a good picture of because she was moving at a good clip. About 11mm long.
A link to Gordons` velvet ant picture ... ght=velvet
Found Mike B.s`ant ... velvet+ant

A 30% crop
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Gordon C. Snelling
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Nice one Doug. Compared to last year this year has been a bust for Velvet ants. I have seen exactly two at my house.

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You know I used to see these things quite often but now I seldom do. Maybe it is just that I am not really looking for them or more than likely, I always have my attention atuned to some other form of life in my various quests. A very good image here Doug :D The last time I saw one, it was crawling around my front lawn. :D

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