Dragonfly with Beautiful Turquoise Eyes

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Got ashamed how naughty I am. :oops: O:)
That's right Rik, flying or not, the scientist have to survive too. :lol:
Anyway, if the scientist and the dragonflies share common ancestor than both ("they" = dragonflies or "they" = scientist) statements works. :smt046
And now some serious news.
A team of scientists led by young Croatian evolutionary geneticist Tomislav Domazet developed a novel methodological approach in evolutionary studies. Using the method they named 'genomic phylostratigraphy', its authors shed new and unexpected light on some of the long standing macroevolutionary issues, which have been puzzling evolutionary biologists since Darwin.

A Genetic Trigger For The Cambrian Explosion Unraveled?

Full text of study

Supplementary material
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A paper worthy of much study -- thanks, Nikola.


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