Fungus from the newbie

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Fungus from the newbie

Post by McCluskey »

I've been lurking and appreciating the great work here for a while, but unfortunately haven't had much of a chance to get out myself and do some shooting. I spied this bright colored fungus on a fallen tree in the neighbor's yard, and knew I had to risk criminal trespass to get some shots. (I got away scott free, as the yard is essentially abandoned!!).

I've been trying to apply an 'artistic' approach to my macros, let me know what you think - all comments and criticisms greatly appreciated as I am still a newb. Also - anyone have any idea regarding an ID of this?

All shots on D200, 105mm micro nikkor, ISO200, hand held and full frame. Some slight contrast adjustments and sharpening in lightroom, with a little desaturation of the orange tones (in the first two), as it was really super-saturated otherwise.

F4.5, 1/640

F16, 1/90

F16, 1/90


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

The last one appears to be a bracket fungi of sorts, "Turkey Tails" the are commonly called. :D The latin escapes me for the moment, must have read it a hundred times or more. I don't know about the first two though. Could be a bracket fungi but then again a mushroom too. Dunno :-k

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Post by beetleman »

I like #2 & 3 a little better than the first pic. They have a larger subject and More DOF then the first. I love the angle of the pictures.
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Warm welcome to the forum Mike :D

Pics 1 an 2 are very dramatic - the brilliant orange works particularly well against the dark grey/black bark of the log. For my taste Mike, I think the larger dof at f/16 (still providing artistic differential focus) works better (pic2) than the very narrow dof in pic1.

These colourful fungi are a good subject and your pics are definitely worth the effort you went to to get them :lol:


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