Mud Daubers???

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Ken Ramos
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Mike replied:
Ken, are these larvae smooth, or fuzzy wasp larvae? The reason I ask is because it is conceivable that you have the rare Hairy Potter!
:lol: :lol: Thanks Mike. Maybe I will donate it to the school at Hogwarts. :smt017

Gordon wrote:
The size indeed does point to Eumenes, really neat wasp. Good luck on the hatch out attempt. Keep us posted.
Thanks Gordon. :D I am keeping an eye on the top structure, as I said it is still sealed. Maybe it will hatch out, I hope. A little research told me that there are about 270 species of these wasps in the US and Canada and about 3000 species worldwide. Also they do not seem to be a very large wasp, only about 9-20mm in length. :D

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