"Have a little fang my darling...."

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Mike B in OKlahoma
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"Have a little fang my darling...."

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"See how I can unhinge my jaw?"

This speckled rattlesnake shows that he really is flexible, at least in his jaw muscles! This happened so fast I only got the one shot in, and was pleased that I managed to get him all in the frame and up close. I wish I'd done something other than center it, but here it is. A minor feature that I like (and didn't even think about when shooting) is that his ringed tail just above his rattle is visible OOF in the upper right background. An in-focus view of the rings and rattle on the same snake a couple of years ago is here:

http://www.photomacrography1.net/forum/ ... ght=rattle

180mm macro lens
captive subject
Mike Broderick
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Now this is one nice gem of an image Mike. Beautiful.
Sue Alden

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Dang! :shock: That hurts just look'n at it. Great shot here Mike, reminds me of that front pager you took some months back, that was awesome too! :smt023

Bruce Williams
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Great action shot Mike!

That wicked (in the old fashioned sense of the word) looking eye just adds a bunch of exclamation marks to the unprintable expletive invoked by this image.

Love it!

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Makes him look like a strange looking dragon. The right place at the right time with your camera= excellent photo.
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awesome action capture, rattlesnakes are interesting creatures.

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