Myxos New Hampshire Style "Day Two"

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Myxos New Hampshire Style "Day Two"

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Got to work this morning. Did you think I grabbed my paint brush...Nope. Put the lens on the camera, rolled over the log and started shooting. Picture one was taken yesterday at the same time as the second picture taken today. I wanted to show how much the plasmodium had moved in a 24 hour period. The lettter "A" is just for a reference point in the pictures. The letter "B" section of myxos are not there in the second picture because I took that little section out to take some pictures in a different location. I don`t want anyone to get confused with the missing part :wink: Remember "THIS IS A PLANT" (sort of)


Take Nothing but Pictures--Leave Nothing but Footprints.
Doug Breda

Ken Ramos
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Doug wrote:
Remember "THIS IS A PLANT" (sort of)
Well not quite exactly. :-k Myxo's are classified with the Kingdom of Protista, making them unicellular multinucleate animals. At one time, I believe, they were studied by botonists/mycologists but later on were moved to the Kingdom Protista or Protists (protozoa). I think there is still ongoing debate as to what they exactly are. :D

Bruce Williams
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Good thinking Doug - very worthwhile project IMO.


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