Huntsman New Legs

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Huntsman New Legs

Post by Adrian »



i found this guy in the bathroom one night, upon observing the photographs, i notaced the two hairless legs, maybe it lost two legs and grew new ones?

i dont know alot about spiders growing new legs, this is just my guess, can anyone confirm this?


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Post by rjlittlefield »

Great illustration! :D

Yes, they can. Google spider regeneration for the info you seek.

Thanks for posting -- this capability had escaped my attention.


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Post by jmlphoto »

this would help for that sipder i saw with 2 legs. yes 2. hopefully he grows back the other 6 like that guy did.

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Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »

A great and very vivid illustration of regeneration! Cool!
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Well I used to pull the wings off flies but I guess this fellow has nothing to worry from me. If it's legs grow back, I will take your word for it. However I, on the other hand...I have two legs with two very big feet, just right for stomping the legs off spiders :lol: That is a really cool shot by the way and I did not know spiders could do that! :shock:

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Post by beetleman »

I remember seeing that happen in some of the crabs I used to have in my reef aquarium. they would be missing a leg or a claw and when they molt, there would be a new appendage folded up inside the molted shell. very nice find Adrian.
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