Bald Eagle Macro!

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Mike B in OKlahoma
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Bald Eagle Macro!

Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »


Well, it isn't exactly macro, more of a closeup, but it IS a bald eagle. Just an artificial one made out of silver. But this isn't your typical silver bald eagle. This was part of the Officer's Mess silver service of the battleship USS Oklahoma. It was presented to the crew of the battleship by the state of Oklahoma in 1913, and fortunately, removed from the ship in 1940 as part of preparation for hostilities. As a result, it wasn't on board the Oklahoma when she was sunk in Pearl Harbor next year.

The silver service spent the war in a warehouse in Bremerton, Washington, before being returned to the state. As for Oklahoma, she was raised from the botom of Pearl Harbor and returned to floating condition after a massive effort (the ship had capsized during the attack and had to be returned to upright status, not a small thing to do with a battleship! Alas, after all that effort, the old warhorse sunk while under tow to the West Coast. I think I'd rather see her resting in honor on the bottom of the Pacific than turned into razor blades, though.

For more info on raising of the Oklahoma, see here: ... ph-ok9.htm

Pay particular attention to picture #63916, about halfway down, and keep in mind that we are talking about a battleship here....583 feet long (almost two US football fields!).

exposure was a problem here. Next time I try this, I'll give a little more exposure, but it will be hard to do without blowing out the highlights of the eagle!

bald eagle head (sterling silver)
detail of punchbowl from Officer's Mess service of USS Oklahoma
24-105mm lens @ 105mm
handheld, ambient light, Rebel XTi
1/30th second @ f/8
ISO 400
approx .25x + 1.6 crop, effectively roughly .4 life-size
Mike Broderick
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Constructive critiques of my pictures, and reposts in this forum for purposes of critique are welcome

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Post by beetleman »

WOW Mike. A beautiful picture and incredible history behind it. I had no idea about the USS Oklahomas` story. Thank you very much. :smt023 =D>
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Interesting bit of military history there Mike. Like you, I think she should have been left where she was, having fallen in honorable service. The last ship I was stationed aboard, the USS America CV 66, is now in preparation as being a coral reef somewhere off the Atlantic coast. She was hit five times with torpedos and sank, about two years ago now, I think. Of course her demise was one planned out of retirement for the old girl. When I left Norfolk, Va. the first ship I was ever on, the USS Coral Sea CVA-43, if I remember correctly, and the USS America, the last ship I was on, were on opposite sides of the same pier. The Coral Sea, had a battleship hull, as she was planned to be a battleship from the start but was later made into an aircraft carrier. I believe the Coral Seas flight deck is still wood but overlaid with steel. Made my first combat cruise on that ol'gal. Member in good standing, "Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club!" :wink:

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Post by LisaG »

The exposure's great! Thanks very much for posting this beautiful image and history, Mike.


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