First macro with MP-E65

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First macro with MP-E65

Post by RobertoM »

Some shot with MP-E65...
All photos with Canon eos 30D, Canon MP-E65 (at 5x), Flash Canon macro twin lite MT-24EX, tripod Manfrotto.

I put a drop of marmalade on a tree near some ants...

Jaws 1

Jaws 2

Jaws 3


Mike B in OKlahoma
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Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »

Good start, Roberto! As you are finding, this lens is usable, but difficult. Keep working with it, and you will succeed, as you are finding with these shots.
Mike Broderick
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Constructive critiques of my pictures, and reposts in this forum for purposes of critique are welcome

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Post by RobertoM »

Thank you.
The lens in not easy, but I'm satisfied.
Now I must buy a Manfrotto 454 micrometrical slide, because is not easy move the tripod and the 30D for the focus...
And maybe an Canon angular sight (I hope write correct...)

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Post by beetleman »

Amazing closeups Roberto. Beautiful ants...I have never seen ants with red heads and black bodies. I think you need to get underneath them so we can see their tongues lapping up the marmalade (only joking). I love how sharp the eyes are :shock:
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Post by RobertoM »

Before they eat marmalade, are very active... after, I think they have a full stomach and are statics...
This is the confirmation that the sugar isn't good for the brain.... :)

Erland R.N.
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Post by Erland R.N. »

Good (edit, added an extra o :D ) job with your new lens. I've just picked up a used MP-E 65 this wensday, and have tried it out on two occasions now. It is really something else to use than my normal 150-180 mm lenses.
I use it with monopod, not ideal, but I can understand your problems with tripod too.

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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

That lens takes some nice sharp images but I can see DOF is a real problem. Kind of like shooting through a microscope. However I think you did pretty good with this lens. I had thought of buying one but decided against it. Too much money and I have a microscope already, two of them. :D However I am not above taking donations for with which to purchase one though... 8)

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