B&W Bees

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bill henderson
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B&W Bees

Post by bill henderson »

I went back to the early '70s to pick these up. Thats the "old days" of two cameras,two films, now it's a little different. These were all shot with a Nikon F2,55mm Micro Nikkor, Vivitar 292 flash. Plus X Pan film,Developed with Microdol X. All were hand held,taken in the middle of my scrubs,a total of 6 rolls that day, hand developed. I like my D200 a little better but that F2 is still going after 35 years of heavy use. Where will photography be 35 years from now? I will be shooting B&W with the D200 for a few more years
Hope you like these Ken

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Post by DaveW »

My non-AI Nikon F2 Photomic and 55mm f3.5 Micro Nikkor were still going strong after 35 years and in mint condition so I sold them as a classic camera last year for more than I originally paid for them to help to fund my D200.

Don't think these electronic wonders will last as long though Bill, even if you can still get the electronic spares for them after 10 years. Having had a fairly expensive LCD watch whose display packed up after 10 years I think the LCD displays will go even if the other electronics don't. But how fast digital is now progressing I guess unlike film cameras, the digital ones will be out of date long before they fail.

There are rumours a Nikon digital actual full frame 35mm D3 professional camera will be announced in the next few weeks, though APS sized sensors will continue for the prosumer cameras as with Canon.


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Some fairly nice shots there Bill, a bit dark but okay I suppose. Plus X is something you don't hear much about anymore but still available from good photographic supply houses. I am strongly leaning towards the Canon EOS 1v as my next camera. :D

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Post by rjlittlefield »

"Plus X...Microdol..." Oh yeah, that brings back memories!

I was a Tri-X fan myself, with D-76. Back when "rapid feedback" meant examining wet negatives with a loupe!

It's better now. :lol:


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