Doomed Butterfly

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Mike B in OKlahoma
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Doomed Butterfly

Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »


I was heading out of the zoo when I noticed that a spider had built a web across the inside of a glass window into an animal enclosure, and this butterfly was caught in the web. The spider apparently hadn't come out to bite it yet, as it was struggling frantically. It was on the other side of the glass, so I couldn't have helped it even if I'd been so inclined. No reason for it, but I felt vaguely guilty as I took a variety of shots of its predicament.

I think this is a Hackberry Emporer (Asterocampa celtis) but my butterfly ID skills are weak, and I couldn't see the upper wing.

180mm macro
natural light
1/250th second @ f/9
ISO 1250
Mike Broderick
Oklahoma City, OK, USA

Constructive critiques of my pictures, and reposts in this forum for purposes of critique are welcome

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Post by rjlittlefield »


The ID looks correct correct, but I'm not sure what you mean by "couldn't see the upper wing".

What's facing us is the upper surface of the whole butterfly -- note the absence of legs and proboscis on the side we can see.


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Post by Ken Ramos »

Nice shot here Mike. :D To bad you could not have assisted the butterfly in escaping. Starving spiders do not have my sympathy anyway. :lol:

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