HETERO-BASIDIOMYCETES – Temellales - The Jelly Fungi –I

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HETERO-BASIDIOMYCETES – Temellales - The Jelly Fungi –I

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Top image
Horizontal FOV 10.2mm
Canon 10D
Canon 35mm macro @ f/4 on extension tube
Series of 76 images @ .002 inch increments
Diffused dual fiber optic illumination
Combine ZM, Photoshop
Collection & imaging date 6/20/07

Lower Image
Olympus C2000Z
CM-3500 close-up lens
Natural light

Temellales - The Jelly Fungi

When you are on the hunt for myxomycetes, especially in moist areas, you will inevitably run into colorful and small gelatinous fruiting bodies. Alas, few of these will be myxos. More than likely they are Tremellales or jelly fungi. While still mushrooms (Basidiomycetes) they are in a separate group called Hetero-basidiomycetes.

The tremellales can be as large as 15mm and smaller. Although I have been photographing the larger ones for many years it was not until digital photography that the smaller ones became easier to record. Now with the miracle of image stacking, subjects even in the .2 millimeter size range can be recorded in fine detail. Some of those in later posts.

Please note that I am not a specialist in this area and if an ascomycete should find itself in this series, it is unintentional.


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:smt023 :!:

That pretty much covers it. :D


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Actually, The Hairy Fungi! :shock:
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Interesting. :-k Many moons ago, I ran across something similar not knowing what it was. If my memory serves me well it was ID'd as being a lichenologous fungi but I am not sure if it was the same thing as you have posted here. Mine was much smaller and was found on a lichen thallus, I also found another later on, residing on a bit of dried grass found among some leafy moss plants. Both were found with the aid of the stereomicroscope. :D

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I found one of these things in my orchid terrarium....I had no idea what it was. Thanks for the ID and info :smt023 Excellent photos and a beautiful job on the stack. http://www.photomacrography.net/forum/v ... ight=snail
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Thanks guys. Ken, this was in a group of about 8 on a log. The one I photographed was the largest in the group as well as the cleanist. The wood boring insects like to poop all over little things like this. Most of the others were like Dougs, about 2mm. Doug you have a neat terrarium if you have something like this growing in it. Your link photo is very well exposed. and shows good detail.


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