Sea Anemone

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Walter Piorkowski
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Sea Anemone

Post by Walter Piorkowski »



Canon Pro90IS camera
EM3500 close-up lens
Natural light with fill flash
Some Photoshop enhancements

Sea Anemone

These sea anemone were, it seams, suddenly visible when the tide started coming back in. I was very surprised with how well the images turned out considering the subjects were submerged and I was using a flash. They were found nearby the starfish in the previous post. The lower image could only be imaged from overhead and suffers from some reflection of the sky. As Tom said in a earlier post I should have had my polarizer.


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Wow, I would never guess that these were shot with flash. I'm not seeing of the strong shadows or specular reflections that flash normally produces. Just clean, brilliant colors, and great contrasts. :D

If you figure out what the trick was, be sure to let us know -- these are very nice!


Ken Ramos
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These are some great shots there Walt! :o I am kind'a flabbergasted, the details are color are so good. :D

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Post by beetleman »

Excellent photos Walter...The neon color on that critter came out very well. I love all the different colored rocks on his body also, they add a lot to the overall scene.
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Bruce Williams
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Interesting shots Walter. I found myself really "looking" at these pics - from both a natural history point of view and as a photographer. Could you give us an idea of scale - I could make an educated guess but then I could be way out :D

Pic1 is really excellent!


Walter Piorkowski
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Post by Walter Piorkowski »

Thank you gentlemen for your interest. The subjects were approximately 2.5 to 3 inches in diameter. It was a very overcast day on the coast due to a heavy ocean fog. I had to work hand held due to the constant wave action on the rocky beach. I employed the flash to allow for a higher shutter speed. Camera to subject angle was approximately 45 degrees for image number 1. An image could only be obtained during a 5 second window as a breaking wave drained off the beach, leaving a undisturbed water surface over the subject. Image sharpness is a testament to the water clarity of the Pacific ocean. I got quite wet but managed not to ruin the camera, which was in the air and not in a water proof container


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Excellent images, Walt. I'm very impressed! :)
Tom Webster

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