Worm With Spider (Caution: not for the squeamish!)

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Thanks for all the compliments, folks. :)

Danny, I still haven't figured out a really good way to keep track of the scads of fascinating postings that have accumulated in the forums. The forums now seem to be secure as an archive (due in large part to your efforts, thank you very much! :smt023 ). And they have a pretty good search facility, so if somebody happens to remember a posting, odds are good that they can find it again.

But it still escapes me, how to construct a "best of the bunch" short list suitable for browsing. :-k

In any case, this Worm With Spider is certainly among the most bizarre subjects that I have ever encountered.

The sheer size of the worm (compared to the spider), the fact that apparently nobody knows the full life cycle of any of these worms, and the fact that two groups of such superficially similar critters (nematodes and nematomorphs) are apparently so far apart on the evolutionary tree, is just a striking illustration of how wonderfully strange and confusing the world can be.

Truly boredom need never be a problem! :D


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Post by Oleg »

Very nice shots :!:

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Post by razashaikh »

Very nicely captured photograph.

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Re: Worm With Spider (Caution: not for the squeamish!)

Post by scitch »

This is a horsehair worm that I recovered from inside of a Jerusalem Cricket several years ago. I ended up sending it to a university in Arizona who studies these things. They sent me a kit to preserve it and mail it to them. The logo for their lab was a profile of a cricket with a spiral coming out of its rear end.

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Re: Worm With Spider (Caution: not for the squeamish!)

Post by Lou Jost »

One of these horsehair worms came out of my pet tarantula when I was in gradeschool. I can still see it now...very traumatic for a little kid who took such good care of that tarantula!

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Re: Worm With Spider (Caution: not for the squeamish!)

Post by TheDocAUS »

I feel the need to visit the chemist and buy some de-worming tablets. :)

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Re: Worm With Spider (Caution: not for the squeamish!)

Post by Macro_Cosmos »

Woah... that's indeed really really gross, me eating noodles didn't help at all. I have myself to blame for not really taking the title seriously, haha.
Nature can be pretty brutal to these poor little critters.

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