Bright Orange Fly

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Bright Orange Fly

Post by karl-m »

I was on a bug hunt in the local woods and saw this very orange fly on some bracken.....

Believe when you see it, the camera never lies...

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Post by puzzledpaul »

Whoa - it's been Tango'd :)

Nice'n sharp shot of a very colourful specimen, Karl.


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Post by salden »

Now that is orange.

I think this is a "Beelike Tachinid Fly".
Sue Alden

Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

This looks to be quite a small species Karl so very well done to capture so much of the important detail.

I don't know whether species identification is important to you but I find the guys on the Wild About Britain website to be an excellent resource when it comes to id'ing unusual British insects, fungi, lichen, wildflowers etc.

Bruce :D

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Post by beetleman »

A great photo karl. Good job on the focus & DOF. A very unusual color for a fly.
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Doug Breda

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Post by PhilH »

Very colourful and sharp shot Karl, and good link also Bruce, I use them regularly :D
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