Any improvement?

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Any improvement?

Post by DaveW »

Any improvement? I took it from further away as suggested and also upped my ISO to ISO 400 from my normal ISO 100. It's a bit noisier I think (grainier) but is it passable?


Nikon D200. Hand held, Available light, no fill in flash.

70mm-180mm Micro Nikkor @ 180mm

Shutter Priority 1/160th second.

Aperture f18


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Post by MacroLuv »

Great! :D :smt023
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Post by beetleman »

Much more detail in this photo Dave. You can count the hairs on his...posterior end :D Looks like another little critter in the lower right.
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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

I would say that this is a pretty darn good photo there Dave. :D I prefer ISO 100 myself but do on various occasion shoot at 400. Sometimes a noise reduction program works quite well to remove the grain at 400 but not all of the time. I am cheap, so when I use a NR program, I use the free Demo Version of Neat Image

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Post by DaveW »

"Looks like another little critter in the lower right."

Thats just on for scale Doug! :D

Another from today:-


As above but:-

Micro Nikkor 70mm-180mm @ 180mm.

Shutter Priority 1/100th second.

Aperture f22


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