Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

Post by PhilH »

Hi all, this is my first post. :)
I was directed here by DaveW who I know from another forum.

I am a complete novice when it comes to photography and hope to learn plenty from you guys (and gals).

My real passion is for wildlife but until I become more used to settings etc I have been practising on still life.


ISO 100 - f/20 - Shutter 5 secs - Focul Length 60mm


ISO 100 - f/20 - Shutter 8 secs - Focul Length 60mm

ISO 200 - f/22 - Shutter 1 sec - Focul Length 60mm
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Post by MacroLuv »

Welcome Phil! :D
Nice images, #1 is my favorite. That is a good recommendation from Dave. :wink:
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errors are welcome. :D

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Post by rjlittlefield »


Hello, and welcome aboard!

These are lovely still-lifes -- great practice for composition and lighting. :D (I'm thinking the exposure time may need to come down a bit for wildlife, though. :wink:)

I prefer #3, I think because it shows off so many different aspects of the flowers. Then #2 -- where the near-perfect symmetry works very well. My least favorite is #1 -- it's very pretty, but I'm bothered by the one centered flower combined with the several other partial and asymmetric flowers.

Ah yes, these would be the forums -- two votes so far, and they're completely opposite! 8)


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Post by beetleman »

Welcome to the forums Phil (Extending hand out in greeting) pull up your LCD and make yourself at home :wink: . Some really wonderful colors in the photographs. I will have to agree with Nikola, I like the first one also. Just something about the different colors and the textures of the flowers. I know the flower is centered but the others in the corner sort of throw it off balance in a good way IMO. Is that the plant & flower they call the "butterfly bush?
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Post by Hatch1921 »

I really like the first shot. Very well done. Hatch

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Post by DaveW »

Hi Phil,

See you got here OK then! As I said before start on the larger close-up subjects and just keep getting smaller as you get used to the restricted depth of field, plus then you can start on insects that need stalking and move!

It is just a matter of practice. This site has some of the best macro photographers I have come across and they will always help you with any problem, plus you get criticism from people who know what they are talking about, not just think they do!

Just to fill others in, Phil had a macro lens but was disappointed with it as he could not get much DOF because he was using it at full aperture and lost quality because he was working at high ISO's. I got him to stop down and drop down to ISO 100 and these were the pictures he turned out straight away.


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Post by salden »

Welcome Phil. You have some beautiful images for your first post :D .

Image One: Beautiful color and texture. I think if you had your main subject more to the left and a bit higher in the picture plane the composition would be better and there would be less negative space and more subject.

Image Two: : Centered is something most say to stay away from if possible and in most cases this is true. I do not think it is true in this case. The natural lines of the image lead me to the center of the flower and way from the negative space (unlike the first image, which led me into the negative space). The composition has me wanting to go deeper into the heart of the flower.

Image Three: Move your subject just a tad highter to get the bottom in the plane. If the plant was extending off the picture plan on all sides, it would work better than having the flower cropped off at the bottom tip only. This image tells a story, it has a narrative.

Overall, you have some very nice images and I think you are going to do great in Macro. Working with still life will allow you to experiment with your DOF. You subject will not run away, and you can experiment with your composition. When you get into the "field" and go after the guys that will run way, you will have all those aspects as second nature.

Again welcome to the forums.
Sue Alden

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Post by Ken Ramos »

There's that "negative space" thing again. Wonder if that exists in parallel universes and what about "dark matter?" :-k

Oh hi Phil! :D Just reading over Sues comments and thinking out loud. Welcome to the forums and very nice images on a first post! :o

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Post by DaveW »

Isn't negative space the backspace key on a typewriter Ken?


It would probably be of interest another day to post your original ant picture so everybody can see what troubles you were originally having with your lens and the 1000 fold improvement you have made since stopping down etc.

I think many conventional photographers are put off macro photography when they buy a macro lens and try and use it at full aperture having been used to being able to do this in conventional photography.

It will have to be another day though as you can only post three images in any 24hrs here.


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Post by PhilH »

Thanks everyone for your kind words. :)

Regarding composition, whilst I appreciate all your comments, these pics were really an exercise in DOF for myself. As requested by Dave, I will post in another thread the type of results I was getting just a week ago and list my equipment.

Beetleman... regarding flower type, I honestly don't have the fogiest idea, horticulture just isn't my strong point
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