A variety of stacks

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A variety of stacks

Post by cactuspic »

Some recent stacks showing a hodgepodge of my greenhouse.

The first is a closeup of the Texas Rainbow cactus, Echinocereus dasyacnathus.

The second image is of oxalis triangularis, commonly know as wood sorrel. Its leave are edible in small quanities (they contain oxalic acid).

The last is an image @5x of a glochid of an oputia microdais. As most cactus lover will tell you, the large spines of an opuntia (bunny ear) cactus are not the spines most feared. At their areoles, opuntias have unnattached spine, often barely visable that seem ready to imbed themselves in you at the slightest touch. They always seem to break of at skin level and itch for weeks. This image is from a species that looks spineless. The areoles appear felted. but beware. If you look carefully, you can see some of the barbs on the spines.

I will be out of town for a week so will not be posting.

Hope you enjoy.

Echinocereus dasyacnthus

Oxalis triangularis

Opuntia microdais

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Post by beetleman »

You are doing a hell of a job on these stacks Irwin. Beautiful pictures. safe traveling Friend :smt023
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