Amazon Pics - Final Entry in Series

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Amazon Pics - Final Entry in Series

Post by Moebius »

I hope you have enjoyed my lengthy series of macro pics taken on a 9 day trip to the Peruvian Amazon Last July/August. These are the final 3 pics I will show.




The entire gallery, with a couple hundred additional pictures I have not shown, is located on ... /115786118

Ken Nelson
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bill henderson
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Post by bill henderson »

Thanks for sharing,I have enjoyed the entire series, Bill

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Post by microcollector »

I have enjoyed the series very much.
Thanks for sharing,
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Post by beetleman »

NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :smt088 Ken, you cannot do this to us :cry: . Wonderful job Ken, we will certanly miss your awesome amazon trip pictures. You are going to have to come down to earth and start showing us some of your local flora and fona photos now. I know I have said this before, If you ever have a book printed, I would sure like to know and I would buy one in an instant. I see you saved the ugliest caterpiller for last :lol: I bet you when he gets mad, something balloons out of those red-orange portals on his posterior (I saw something like that on TV :wink: ) Thanks again Ken for a wonderful trip. :smt023 =D>
I would like to thank Craig also...excellent photos from both of you. :smt023
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Erland R.N.
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Post by Erland R.N. »

I must say you've had a busy 9 days. It was a pleasure to open your posts from Peru and see all these rather strange insects. But there a too few dragonflies in the rain forest :D

That caterpiller looks just awesome.


Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Can't say to much about the bug in the first image there Ken but that cat is awesome. Reminds me somewhat of a "packsaddle." Probably belongs to the same family or genus maybe. One way to find out is to pick it up, then you would know. :shock: Great colors in that thing. :D

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Post by karl-m »

Blimey....these are fantastic.......

Just had a quick look at your gallery, very inspiring. I will be adding your site to my favs folder,'Photographers Galleries' so i can take a look at anytime for ideas....
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Post by cactuspic »

Ken, I share everyone's sorrow in seeing the series end. I know I speak for evevyone in expressing our hopes that the great posts will continue to flow. Great series.


Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Ken - Your Amazon postings have become a regular part of daily life, treating us to one bizare and exotic creature after another. I'm sure gonna to miss checking out the latest "Amazon Pics Part nn".

Great final posting!

Thanks for sharing.


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