White-tailed Skimmer

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White-tailed Skimmer

Post by MacroLuv »

... or Orthetrum albistylum as Erland identified it earlier (by thorax only!). It looks even more prettier while moving whith golden refections from the waving wings.
Notice two stripes of lace shadow from the wings on the grass. :D
... just begin thinking... those two things in front of its head could be the legs of the fly it was eating! :shock: :-k


Model Canon EOS 400D DIGITAL
Date/time original 12.05.2007 12:52:16
Shutter speed value 1/320 s
Aperture value f/10
ISO speed ratings ISO 400
Focal length 100 mm
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Post by beetleman »

A beautiful, full spread, dragonfly photo Nikola. Excellent focus on the body and wings. Good Job. :wink:
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Post by karl-m »

Very nice image if i must say so........

Can't wait to get cracking when my lens arrives....
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Erland R.N.
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Post by Erland R.N. »

Nice "classical" dragonfly picture.
The two white appendages are seperated by som distance and are not that long, so it's a female.


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Post by cactuspic »

Great shot Nikola


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