Ants with weevil

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Ants with weevil

Post by acerola »

I like to photograph this ants (Lasius fuliginosus ). They are very active and always happens something.
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Mike B in OKlahoma
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Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »

A great capture of action! Well done.

I like ants, and want to cheer the ants, but I do feel a bit of pity for the weevil. Predation shots are fascinating to me.
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Post by acerola »

Yes I feel sorry for the weevil too, they are just such a funny guys.
On the other hand ants eats all the insects they can. I think this very colony is eats a couple hundred or even thousand a day. It just happens every day mostly unseen for millions of years.

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Awesome image...looks like something from Star Wars :o

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Post by rjlittlefield »

An excellent action capture -- wonderfully low angle!

I'm curious -- what equipment did you use and how long did you have to watch, to get this shot?

About the weevil... If it'll make you feel any better, guys, I'd bet that this weevil was dead and dried when the ants found it. Look close, and you can see that it's missing at least two feet on its right side (left side in picture). Somehow that strikes me more likely accidental damage to a fragile corpse than battle injury to a live combatant.

Péter, do you see these ants killing things like this weevil, or do they seem to be scavenging?


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Post by acerola »

I used Canon 20D and a reversed Canon 18-55mm lens. I photographed this scene for about 10 minutes making about 30 pictures. I was lucky they did not quite decided for a while where to go. If they move more my success rate is significantly lower at this magnification.
This weevil was definetly dead when I photographed it. Part of its back was missing, but that photos showing that part was more like a horror than this picture.

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Post by Moebius »

Very nice...I just love action shots.

That was one small weevil.


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Post by cactuspic »

Great shot. It brings you right inside the moment.


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Post by beetleman »

Excellent photo. I too love the angle and the DOF and focus are right on the action. I love the gives a nice base for the action.
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Post by crotermund »

:shock: Outstanding action shot, Peter! I love the whole composition: The foreground, background, colors, & focus. Somehow you managed to get the great side shot of the one ant, keep the weevil's eyes in focus, and get the ant in the rear pulling the shell all at great angle. Very nice. =D>
Craig Rotermund
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Post by Danny »

Such a great ratio and excellent work on selective focus. Outstanding work and result. Congrats on a superb result :D . Just love it.

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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Post by acerola »

Thank You All.

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