Rebutia Kupperiana ( A Cactus)

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Rebutia Kupperiana ( A Cactus)

Post by beetleman »

What can I say. A beautiful deep orange flower and a red cactus. Both the cactus and the flower are 2" in diameter.

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Doug Breda

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Post by salden »

That is a bright orange, but a beautiful flower. Looks like it would have a velvety feel to the petals.

Now that everything is blooming out, it is hard to control myself in the photography department.

Tom lives in a great location for cacti flowers. He needs only to step out his door (so to speak). We have to get them at a store and for me, they bloom out once and I am lucky if the plant lives a year. Just not the climate for them I suppose. I am sure it has nothing to do with the lack of a green thumb on my behalf. :lol:
Sue Alden

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Post by DaveW »

Your starting to get hooked on these things Doug. It can be addictive I know!


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Post by MacroLuv »

Very nice rich orange color Doug. Almost red. :D
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