Poor Footing

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Poor Footing

Post by microcollector »

My wife, who has been Alabama since November caring for her mother, requested that I take some photos of the spring flowers to send her. While wandering about the yard taking photos, I ran across this lady bug trying to scramble across a dandelion seed head. This was a one shot opportunity as the lady bug fell off after the first shot, no chance to improve on it. This is a 800 x 600 crop from a 3008 x 2000 pixel full frame.
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Post by beetleman »

:lol: looks like she was going to parachute down to the ground with the seed :wink:
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Post by salden »

beetleman wrote::lol: looks like she was going to parachute down to the ground with the seed :wink:
That is exactly what it looks like :lol: . Insects can be funny little things.
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Post by MacroLuv »

Very nice finding! :D
It catch a parachute for emergency! Ladybugs are bit slow with spreading wings :lol:
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