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Post by DaveW »

That means if they fit this sites 800 x 800 pixels they should about do then Rik? :lol:

Seriously, if I can just get away with Web sizes, which all seem to require a maximum of 800 pixels wide and many 150K maximum file size and use these for screen projection as well that will suit me. That would save me keep making different sized images from the original for different purposes?

But would I be best adopting some other sizes as a "cover all"?


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Post by rjlittlefield »

I don't know, Dave -- what to save has always been a vexing problem for me. I'm a packrat by nature (I want to save everything), but there are limits to what's practical.

What I do, generally speaking, is to save
  • original camera image (raw or high quality jpeg)
  • camera-resolution final version of any edits (psd, usually)
  • jpeg(s) at target size and quality, usually just one
Given the camera-resolution final version, it's easy to make other size jpegs if I want. To be honest, that doesn't happen often -- just enough to keep me following this procedure.

Whether a scheme like this would work for you, I don't know.

Personally, I'd be at least a bit nervous about saving images 800 pixels wide and expecting to display them bigger, say full-screen at 1280 wide. It's guaranteed that they won't look as good as native 1280 would. On the other hand, maybe they'll look good enough for the purpose, and the extra convenience is worth the price. Again, I think it's something you need to test for yourself. Sometimes I obsess about things that other people are smart enough to realize don't matter! :lol:


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Post by Mike B in OKlahoma »

As long as you have your original files, either in RAW, or transmogrified into DNG format, you can always recover. OF course, when you hate culling files like I do, saving all the ding-dang RAW files is enough trouble.
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Post by MacroLuv »

Dave, except noise it doesn't look so bad at all. :D
rjlittlefield wrote:... I'm a packrat by nature (I want to save everything), but there are limits to what's practical.

I'm not far from that. :D
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