Amazon - Tail-less Whip Scorpion

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Amazon - Tail-less Whip Scorpion

Post by crotermund »

Marco of Rome posted a similar creature on March 5th which can be found here: ... t=scorpion

I encountered this creature on a jungle night hike one night so lighting and capturing him was a bit awkward to accomplish. I did manage to get my guide to hold him for pictures despite a little reluctance. The creature was scary looking and cool 8) and unlike anything I had encountered before. I believe he is of the order Amblypygida. They don't sting or bite despite their appearance.

Marco's pic shows the size of these things really well. I'm sure it was about a foot across because of his super long front legs, but I got all focused on his mouth and the giant, spiny pincers / claws. Anyway, here are a few pics.

On the tree...


On my guide's arm...


Hand held...

Craig Rotermund
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Post by beetleman »

I don`t think I would want to see one of these in my tent. I guess when they capture prey, they don`t want to let it get away with those spines on the legs :shock: Excellent photos Craig. On the show "Fear Factor" they had to eat some of these critters :wink:
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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Excellent photos Craig - of a very interesting and highly photogenic creature too. Strangely, the thorax and abdomen in pic1 look a bit like cardboard-cutouts - very 2-dimensional. I don't know if this impression is down to my monitor or is actually what the animal looked like from above.

Bruce :D

Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

The creature does looks sort of flat in that first image but I am really taken by the details shown of this thing in all of the images. No, I would not necessarily want to find one of these in my tent, as Doug mentioned or anywhere on my person I think, because the first thing to come to my mind would be, "spider...a really big one :shock: !" However, after the realization of what it actually is settles in, I would be a bit more curious than shocked. Quite a creepy creature but some outstanding images of it Craig. :D

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Post by MarcoD »

Very nice shots! :D Really wonderful and brave!
When I found it I was in the Hacienda Chicen near Chichenitza (Mexico) exactly in the middle of the jungle like you. My photo was taken about at 11:00 pm so we can guess that amblyfigi are nocturnal animals like scorpions!
According to evolution theories they have lost their poison tail also maintaining the scorpion's look like tactics against the predators.

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