Some Easter dinner related Macros

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Some Easter dinner related Macros

Post by beetleman »

Well, we had a nice Ham dinner with lots of veggies for Easter . For dessert, we had some fresh strawberries from California and some homemade Easter Bread. The first picture is a group of Strawberries resting on some black velvet cloth. The second one is a closeup of the luscious sweet berry (a stack of 15 photos). The third photo is a stack of 18 pictures of the Easter Bread and the small sugar sprinkles (thats what we call them) which are about 3mm in diameter. The strawberry stack came out nice but there is a few blurry sections on the bread stack.....



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Ken Ramos
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Post by Ken Ramos »

Very colorful Doug. :D I am not to sure about that third image though, looks like easter eggs stuck in an apple pie, a big one :roll: A great set of images though, I really like the first, good composition and nice color. The second one...well, those strawberries could use a shave but still look pretty good. =P~ Great shots Doug. How much weight have you gained today? :lol:

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Post by Danny »

Whoa, you are really getting in there for macro Doug. Great to see at this ratio. Dip them in chocolate and save a couple for me M8t. I'll be there in............hmmm..........a few days :D :wink:

All the best Doug and BTW, happy easter :D

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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