Crown of Thorns - Good Friday

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Bruce Williams
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Post by Bruce Williams »

Thanks for your comments Nikola and Rik.

Rik wrote:
Bruce, be aware that this side-by-side presentation also causes problems on smaller computer monitors. It makes the text wrapping use a very long line, which then requires scrolling to read the posts.

Timely advice Rik. We are visiting some friends for the Easter weekend and I am using their PC which has a 17" monitor with 1024X768 resolution (my home monitor is 1280X1024). So I'm experiencing the text scroll "problem" first hand.

I've also noticed that the above 960X720 combined image only just fits within the 1024X768 IE6 browser window (requiring a bit of scroll bar manipulation). Conversely, on my home monitor even 1024X768 fits comfortably whereas an 800X600 image often appears disappointingly small. So Rik's suggestion of a link to a larger image (hosted elsewhere) is a reasonable compromise.


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Post by Danny »

Phew, getting very techie so I'll just comment on the shot. :D

I like dark backgrounds Bruce. It makes the subjects stand out so well and become the main centre of attention. In this it works great. Sharp where it should be and very clean whites. Not easy to hold those whites, so well done.

All the best Bruce. Nice work and result.

Worry about the image that comes out of the box, rather than the box itself.

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