First Pics/ First bees

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First Pics/ First bees

Post by Biologyben »

So i just got the 350 on Monday and I went out and snapped a few hundred frames. Yeah...wish i was kidding. Post-processing sucks. 600 frames since monday...sheesh.

I need to learn to cut back on that.

Anyway...i think this camera is bee-autiful! (groan)

Pardon the lack of sharpness as i was using the kit lens to take these photo's hand held, natural light w/ reflecting disk.

Canon XT, 18-55mm at 55mm ~500/f8, 400 ISO


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Post by beetleman »

I always love in-flight photos. and this one is no exception. The first one looks pretty sharp :wink:
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Doug Breda

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Post by twebster »

Biologyben, you never get caught up. I still have 11,000 RAW files from last year to process :!: :shock: Looks like you'll get along just fine with your new camera. :D
Tom Webster

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Post by Biologyben »

hrm...seeing it here, i see that the second pic needs some more work.. too dull, almost gray flower instead of white...

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Post by rjlittlefield »

Second pic also looks highly cropped -- actual pixels maybe? (I'm guessing from the amount/size of noise, and also from knowing that the kit lens won't focus nearly this close by itself.)

I really like that first pic. Nice action pose on the bee, good gradation on the petals, and that stunning orange of the stamens makes a nice focal point!


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Post by DaveW »

"I still have 11,000 RAW files from last year to process"

Tom it's not a still camera you need but a video one then just select the frame you want! :lol:

Dave Whiteley

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