Amazon Pics Part 71

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Amazon Pics Part 71

Post by Moebius »

3 more:


The varieties of hoppers are endless down there. I don't know how many different ones I have shown already, but here are two more. Each is small (~0.5-1cm). No saturation adjustment at all, those are the natural colors.



Ken Nelson
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Post by crotermund »

Well I have to agree with Ken on the number of hoppers down there. We probably saw more different hoppers than just about any insect species. Anyway, Ken, those hoppers are just beautiful. Great colors & focus. :D
Craig Rotermund
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Post by beetleman »

Notice the rear legs on the beetles got a pair of flea beetles (leaf beetles, family Chrysomelidae) :wink: All three photos are awesome Ken :shock: #2 is just amazing with those colors :shock: :shock: :shock:
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Post by MacroLuv »

More great looking exotic creatures and perfect photographs. :smt023
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Post by Ken Ramos »

"Flea Beetles?" I have never heard of "Flea Beetles." :-k Well there is a first time for everything they say :roll: Beautiful images, all three but the show stopper, I think, is the second image. A very colorful little hopper indeed. :D

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